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Part 1: Break free

Mindset, Overcoming Money Blocks, and Goal-Setting

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Angie Nelson

Remote Work

Eileen Wilder

Building Confidence

Mark Timm

Winning At Home Like We Win At Work

Monica Froese

Is Starting A Business Right For You?



Becky Straw

Starting A Non-Profit

Dan Cumberland

Finding Fulfillment and Purpose

Emma Bates

Using A Business Plan

Marc Guberti

Productivity, Motivation, Empowerment

Beth Learn

Online Workouts Videos, E-courses, and Podcasts

Sagan Morrow

Time Management When Life Gets Busy, Reducing Overwhelm, & Getting Focused

Belinda Rosenblum

Enjoying Your Life, Your Money, and Your Business

Part 2: level up

Replace the negative mindset with a positive one and learn new skills. Learn from people who make a living working from home via blogging, selling on Etsy, self publishing, affiliate marketing, selling on Amazon, and even fleamarket flipping.

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Gina Horkey

Virtual Assisting

Hilary Sutton

Content Marketing & Personal Brand

Janet Shaughnessy



Voice-Over Work

Joseph Michael

How To Build Your Own Online Course

Robbie & Melissa

Flea Market Flipping

Elizabeth Stapleton

Using Pinterest to Reach Your Business Goals

Julie Stoian

Virtual Assisting (Advanced)

Michelle Gardner

Affiliate Marketing

Bryan Dulaney

Building A Funnel For Your Product

Jonathan Milligan

How To Plan, Build, and Launch A Membership Site in 90 Days

Hahna Latonick

Web Development

Peter Valley

Book Arbitrage — Buying/Selling Books on Amazon

Part 3: launch

We’ll talk about how to market yourself, find clients, managing work/life balance, networking, healthcare, and how to travel and work at the same time!

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Monica Louie

Marketing on Facebook

Carey & Demir Bentley

Managing Your Time Effectively

Brittany Bullen

Marketing with Your Personality

Josh Turner

Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation

Claire Diaz-Ortiz

Work Smart, Earn More & Twitter Marketing

Cloris Kylie

Influencer Marketing

Matt Astifan

Facebook Advertising

Lisa London

Streamline Your Accounting Systems

Kelly George

Homeschool How-Tos

Ashley Gainer

Writing for Blogs and Business

Ron Bruno

Affordable Healthcare Solutions

Charles Byrd

Maximizing Productivity & Workflow

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