Discover what’s inside! 

INTRODUCING Work-At-Home School: THE Place to Learn REAL Skills You Can Use to Earn REAL Money.

In Work-At-Home School, you’ll learn to:

Pinpoint which skills you have that people will pay for
Add to those skills so you are even more valuable
Put yourself out there in a way that makes people want to hire you
Get your first paying client
And… get handfuls of paying clients after that

You’ll even learn to get over mental barriers like procrastination and self-doubt.

What real WAHS Students are saying…

here’s what’s inside

In the the work-at-home school bundle, you learn how to go from $0 to a $500-per-month side hustle with:


Access to the Work-At-Home School Facebook Group  Priceless
Ask questions and get support 24/7. It’s seriously so motivating to see the conversations that are happening in here.


Yara Golden’s 15 Day Subscriber Reviver Challenge $47 value
By the end of the Subscriber Reviver Challenge, you’ll have everything you need to create stories that sell, which will keep your audience engaged, educated, entertained, and empowered WHILE keeping you and your business… profitable.


Esther Inman’s Remote Resume Blueprint Bundle $80 value
Get access to the 1 hour Remote Resume Masterclass, 5 easy-to-edit remote optimized resume templates, job app powerpack that includes cover letter do’s and don’ts, template, and job pre-application checklist, the Remote Job Resources eBook with over 50 places to find great online jobs, PLUS bonus class “Bridge the Gap” masterclass on how to land an online job without any prior or relevant experience.


Kristen Ingram’s Small Biz Bootcamp $97 value
Learn how to set up a business, the types of small businesses, and how the money flows. This will help you better understand your clients and your own new business. This is your business 101 course that I wish they taught in college but unfortunately don’t.


Lisa London’s BANISH Your Bookkeeping Nightmares  $15 value
The Go-To Guide to Save Money, Reduce Frustration, and Satisfy the IRS.  Learn from “The Accountant Beside You”, Lisa London, CPA.


Julie Eickhoff’s Introduction to Becoming an Audiobook Narrator Course  $49 value value
This course is designed specifically with the WAHH student in mind and offered here first, it answers all your questions about how to become an audiobook narrator and helps you decide if this is a career you want to further pursue. 


Monica Louie’s 5 Days to Profitable Facebook Ads for Bloggers Course  $79 value
Learn how to Market Your Business (to reach your goals) on Pinterest, how to have confidence in your pinning strategy, and know what actions matter and what to stop doing.


Eileen Wilder’s Ultimate Confidence Course  $37 value
Immerse yourself in your God-given identity to help you finally gain confidence and self-acceptance.


Ashley Gainer’s Freelance Writing from A to Z  $149 value
This course will give you the foundation to start your freelance writing business. With advice covering everything from web presence and systems to writing and the client hunt, it covers it all. Students will learn the freelance writing mindset, find guidance on how to find clients, and receive detailed instruction on how to do the actual writing work.


Caitlin Pyle’s Work-At-Home eBook Resource Guides  
Two of Caitlin’s premium resource guides to help you take your work-at-home journey to the next level.


Matt Astifan’s Ultimate Facebook Profits  $49 value                                               This workbook will make setting up a Facebook ads campaign a breeze and no longer a headache (or a mystery if you haven’t tried it yet).

If you want to get good at Facebook Advertising and use it to take your business to the next level, then this program is for you.

The faster you implement the ideas in this booklet, the faster you’ll make money.



Gina Horkey’s Jumpstart Your Virtual Assistant Career  $19 value
This workbook gives you a step-by-step jumpstart towards starting a new virtual assistance business from scratch.

What more WAHS Students are saying…

there’s more to see


everything below is also included in your purchase – no extra fees or cost!


Maia Xiong‘s Pinterest VA Primer  $97 value
A no-nonsense introduction to creating a Pinterest virtual assistant business from scratch. Students will understand why Pinterest skills are in demand, how to launch their business, and how to set themselves up for success.


Danielle Gagnon‘s Seller Success Challenge  $99 value
The Seller Success Challenge is the ultimate crash course in getting more views for Etsy listings, selling more stuff and taking an Etsy shop from passion project to profit.

In the Seller Success Challenge, we’ll break Etsy SEO (that’s search engine optimization) down into 21 short, actionable daily lessons – each less than 15 minutes long – that sellers can start applying to their shop right away to sell more stuff.


Beth Learn’s 3-Course Bundle $89.97 value
5 X 5 Challenge, Foundational 5, and 14-Day-Neck Challenge are all included!


Sagan Morrow’s Goodbye 9 to 5  $249 value
Goodbye 9 to 5 teaches a step-by-step system for how to transition out of your 9 to 5 office job and into working from home full-time… within just 3 months! During this program, you will create a concrete strategy (and get all the tools you need to take ACTION on your plan), overcome fear and boost your confidence, and finally quit your day job—for good.


Hilary Sutton’s Get Your Dream Off the Ground: 21-Day eCourse  $149 value
A 21-day course to get your dream work-at-home business up and running.


Michelle Schroeder-Gardner’s Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing  $99 value
Learn exactly what affiliate marketing is, how it works, how to find products to promote, and the rules around affiliate marketing.

You’re already going to radically transform your life for the better…

(F’real. I’m so excited for you I can hardly contain it!)

But if the idea of earning more than you are earning now by this time next year is speaking to you, keep scrolling to find out more!

What even more WAHS Students are saying…

as if that weren’t incentive enough…


Get EVERYTHING above — worth over $1,200, plus …


24/7 Access To Our Work-At-Home School Facebook Group – Priceless
Reach out and get full support in our member’s only Facebook group.


Peter Valley’s The Weird System I Discovered To Run An Amazon Business From A Starbucks Patio”: A system to find cheap books on Amazon, and resell them back on Amazon for a profit (with no tools and no experience)  $97 value
Amazon Altitude Bookselling Course is a complete step-by-step video course on launching and scaling a Amazon bookselling business. From setting up your account to obtaining inventory to maximizing profits, Amazon Altitude is the largest and most comprehensive bookselling course ever created.


Janet Shaughnessy’s General Transcription:  Theory & Practice, Level 1  $127 value
30-day access: Learn the exact steps you need to take to set up shop as a general transcriptionist from your home office.


Hahna Latonick’s The Freelance Developer Jumpstart  $197 value
Learn how to work from home as a freelance website or software developer.    


Rob & Melissa Stephenson’s Flipper University:  $497 value
This beginner course lays the foundation to get started with a side hustle of flipping items. It helps people get started working from home and making money quickly!


Jennifer Thome’s Turnkey Translator  $298 value
A  proven, step-by-step system designed to help you launch and grow your language translation career or side hustle in the fastest way possible.


Carey & Demir Bentley’s F.A.S.T Focus and Control Time Mastery  $497 value
Learn how to master your time and leverage it like the precious resource it is.


Monica Louie’s Flourish With Facebook Ads  $300+ value
A step-by-step Facebook ad system that helps you learn how to create campaigns that convert.


Caitlin Pyle’s Transcript Proofreading: Theory & Practice, Modules 1 & 2  $197 value
30-day access: An introduction to transcript proofreading.


Kelly George’s Zero to Homeschool Course  $87 value
Zero to Homeschool is a step-by-step program that helps to you craft your ultimate homeschool. I’ll teach you how to mesh learning and living and preserve the natural love of learning all children are born with.
You’ll also
– build a family culture and environment that encourages and enhances learning at all times
– craft a homeschool that is self-sustaining through busy or difficult times (ie. it won’t fall apart when your life does)
– learn how to individualize education to your child and support their interests for exponential learning


Dan Cumberland’s Job Fit Crash Course  $127 value
Learn how to understand exactly what you want from your work and what to look for in your career move, along with a customized action plan to get you there.


Cloris Kylie’s Niche Influencer Training Program  $197 value
Learn, step-by-step, how to leverage your existing audiences to initiate connections with influencers and maximize your business growth.


Julie Stoian’s Create Your Laptop Life Network Access  $588 value
One year of access: An online forum with weekly live Q&A calls, monthly business themes, exclusive job opportunities, and more.


Marc Guberti’s Productivity Virtual Summit  $127 value
Access to interviews with over 50 self-employed professionals on how to make the most of your days and your weeks.


Claire Diaz-Ortiz’s Work by Design Summit $67 value  
Productivity shouldn’t be so hard. The Work by Design Summit offers you lifetime access to life-changing interviews with 50+ innovative leaders. Watch as folks like Adam Grant, Jon Acuff, Don Miller and Laura Vanderkam share their best tools and strategies for working intentionally and living life on purpose.

Conventional productivity wisdom ignores one important thing: real life. That’s why our speakers aren’t just experts in their fields. They are also as real and authentic as they come when it’s time to share with you the power of purposeful productivity in helping you work and live by design. Are you ready to learn from the best?


Yael Bendahan’s The VIP Client Formula  $197 value     
The VIP Client Formula is my proven process that gives you the step-by-step to create an excellent sales, onboarding, and management experience for your client so that they feel taken care of, get better results, and will become a raving fan and advocate for you and your business without even being asked!


Brad McOwen’s Building a Website: How Conquer Your Digital Real estate  $449 value     
The InspireWorks instructional videos are designed to take someone with very little knowledge of web design and the digital marketplace, and equip them with introductory tools to begin designing, building, and managing their own website.


Lauren Golden’s The Quick Start Freelance Success Kit $247 value     
This 3-module course will give you the information you need to assess your existing skills and figure out exactly how YOU can earn money freelancing from home. You’ll get access to the GIANT list of skills you can use to help clients who are swamped with work and desperate to hire someone just like you.


Abbi Perets’ Double Your Freelance Income $497 value     
Double Your Freelance Income is a self-paced course that will show you, step by step, how to charge more money for the work you’re already doing so that you can truly double your income without doubling your workload.

Inside the course, you’ll learn how to break down and repackage your freelance service effectively so that you can price it correctly, determine how long every single part of your process takes, so that you can manage your time right, book out your calendar in advance, stop stressing over deadlines, and never play the feast or famine game again. You’ll also learn how to streamline your workflow, eliminate unnecessary steps, and work smarter and faster so that you DOMINATE your field and wow your clients every single time with your killer process, amazing communication, and high-quality deliverables.


You can be the person “lucky” enough to earn a full-time living from home by this time next year.

If that seems impossible, then Work-At-Home School will show you just how possible it is.

Not Convinced the Skills + Action Equation Is the Answer?

The Work-At-Home School is Perfect for You if:

You’ve tried work from home in the past and failed.
You currently work online, but your income isn’t as much as it should be.
You know a traditional “office job” is not for you, but don’t know how to transition.
You wish you had better clients.
You want a side income so you can save for retirement — or your dream vacation.
You’re excited about gaining more skills and earning more income.
You’re a mom (or dad) who’s been out of work for a long time.
You’re a student with massive amounts of debt… or you’re still trying to pay off your student debt years later.
You’re retired (or nearly there), and want a way to supplement your income.
You’re disabled and want a way to earn an income that doesn’t make your disability a liability.

Who the Work-at-Home School is NOT for:

You have zero problems with productivity and never procrastinate.
You have a sixth sense about exactly what to put on your to-do list for the upcoming 12 months.
You’d rather not actually learn anything to increase your income — and prefer to just buy lottery tickets + hope for the best.
The thought of making an effort makes you groan and want to go hide under your covers.
You prefer to believe that success is all about luck… not about creating it for yourself.

This has changed the lives of so many people… why not you, too?

You’ll learn much more with your Work-At-Home School education than you would spending $50,000+ and four years on a new degree. (Compare that to a couple hundred dollars and 3-12 months.)

And you’ll learn how to actually get clients.


You’ll graduate with profits in your bank, not mountains of debt.

That makes enrolling in Work-At-Home School a no-brainer for your future and your right now.

Paying your first bill with online earnings will be one of the most satisfying things ever. Promise.

Our guarantee is this:

If you enroll in Work-At-Home School with any Curriculum Package and don’t see any results from your efforts after one year (365 days), we’ll refund your money.

Learning is important, but so is taking action.

So if you apply the Skills + Actions formula for one full year, and it doesn’t work for you, you’ll get your money back. That’s how strongly we believe in it.

You don’t have anything to lose. You have everything to gain. Read the full terms and conditions (including what you need to turn in to be eligible for a refund here).


FAQ – Because We Don’t Want Any Doubts Getting in the Way of Your Dreams

Is there a payment plan?

Not in the traditional sense, in that we don’t allow students full access to a package without payment in full.

We do what we can to protect our instructors’ intellectual property and unfortunately, traditional payment plans are too often viewed as an invitation to steal online content. However, you can build your own plan by enrolling using PayPal credit. 

Keep in mind that tuition prices on this page are limited-time offers. After the summit ends, the tuition will increase for each curriculum package. 

Enjoy maximum savings by enrolling today.

How did you choose the INSTRUCTORS for the school? How do I know if their training is any good?

I’ve been teaching people how to work at home since 2014, so I’ve made a ton of connections in this space.

I hand-selected each expert who would speak and contribute course material to the Work-At-Home School curriculum packages, and I only invited the ones in whose work I believe in 100% — and that I’ve seen get amazing results for students like you. Some I’ve even personally paid for training and coaching in my own business.

We’ve done the research for you, but in case you want to research yourself, we’ve listed each instructor on this page, so you can look them up and see for yourself.

How do I know this will work?

I’m not going to sugarcoat it: The only way to guarantee these programs will work for you is if you show up and put the work in.

Like I said above, I only invited instructors whose methods and systems I know get results… so that’s not the question here. It’s a matter of what actions you’re willing to take.

Skills + Actions = Results.

Any good-quality training will work — as long as you work.

It can be encouraging to see others working around you, especially when learning online. To help with that, students who enroll in Confident level or above get a special bonus: access to the Work-At-Home Skills Community on Facebook!

When will I start making money?

Typically, the more time you have to learn & implement the material, the quicker you’ll start earning money from home. It takes time to learn skills, and it takes time to implement them too.

If you only have two hours per week, your business will take longer to build than someone who has twenty hours, but it’s still possible — as long as you take consistent action with that time each week. Slow and steady will still get results.

Most people start earning income in 3-4 months.

Does my access to Work-At-Home School ever expire? How long do I have to go through the material?

Once you purchase, you’ll have 365 days of access to the Work-At-Home School members area. Any downloadable resources include lifetime access, and many instructors’ courses are lifetime access as well.

It is your responsibility to enroll in each program you’re interested in within your 365-day member area access period.

What if I don’t know what kind of online business I want to start?

We’d suggest getting started with our “Curious” curriculum package. Peruse the content and watch all the Phase 2 (Build) summit recordings to see what sticks out to you. This way, you don’t get too overwhelmed, you learn the basic skills you need to start earning money online, and you can start experimenting — all without a huge financial commitment.

You have an opportunity to upgrade your package at any time should you choose to.

What if I don’t want to be a proofreader and want to do something else?

The reason I get this question is because one of my main businesses is teaching people how to set up successful proofreading businesses online via

If you want to become a proofreader, that’s great. But you’ll notice that most of the Work-At-Home School instructors aren’t proofreaders and have businesses in all kinds of niches…

WAHS includes resources so that anyone can use to earn income — proofreading skills or not!

Where should I start?

Your curriculum package comes with an orientation guide that helps you determine what your three biggest goals are, then helps you identify which content to tackle first to achieve those goals. The orientation guide includes a checklist of the content in each category so you can easily identify which to work through first.

So if you’re a total newbie, we’ll help you get started by identifying which skills to work with and thinking about how you’ll make money. You’ll also have access to the recordings of the Work-At-Home Summit interviews which will give you a more in-depth insight to each topic area.

If you’re a veteran at working at home and just want to be more successful, it’ll be really easy to see what to skip and what to start with meet your goals.

Here’s an example:

Here are some results students have gotten from just ONE of the instructors featured in Work-At-Home School:
“I was waiting for this to fail. I was trying to shoot holes in the process, and was convinced there was no way this was going to happen. But I just came from 10 days of vacation, and for the first time in my life I didn’t have to put in 20 hours/day of work for a solid week to catch up. I can’t tell you how amazing that was.”
Rick Chambers

Founder of Online Parking Pass, Student of WAHS Instructors Carey & Demir Bentley

Better Yet…

A portion of every purchase gets donated to The Adventure Project (TAP).

TAP is a non-profit organization that “adds venture” capital to support entrepreneurs and create jobs in developing countries with the goal that no child will be born into extreme poverty and local communities can rely on solid business structures, and not international aid, for their development.

Watch this video to learn more about whom you’re helping across the globe!

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